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We just love watching a budding friendship grow stronger over the years and developing into something beautiful and insta worthy, it's not just us, right?
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Celebs to influencers these BFF relationships are the cutest goals we are all envious of. I mean I wish I had a best friend that took me travelling around the world on private jets *cough cough* Kylie & Stass 😉
Jokes aside best friend relationships are the best relationships, a sister from another mister, soul mate, ride or die, friends have got your back and we need to protect them at all costs! Let's take a look at some of our FAV CELEB BFF DUO's we've picked out here at Katch Me


@kyliejenner @stassiebaby

Obvs the queens of Instagram are on the list. Friends since school now that is what I call ride or die. Matching Stormi tattoo's for Kylie's baby girl, if that's not best auntie award then I don't know what is. Matching outfits and matching cars these girls sure do know how to twin. Flying private everywhere and vacaying in the boujee-est spots, living life through your famous BFF seems pretty fun, am I right? These two are like sisters, a bond that can never be broken and it's so cute to watch on our insta's. 



@mollymae @maurahiggins

Our Love Island princesses are still going strong and better than ever. To think they hated each other in the beginning when Maura tried to steal her Man 😜 If you know you know, this season of love island was THE BEST! to now the ultimate BFF duo, and Maura moving in with Molly to keep her company while Tommy was away. So cute, so heart-warming and we love to see it. Double trouble these pair are more like sisters, matching fits and cute insta pics, we need a joint YouTube channel next. 



@sophiatuxford @cinziabaylisszullo

Speaking of joint YouTube channels, Sophia & Cinzia are the queens of it. Their friendship has evolved since being children, being in ballet lessons together, school, college and then YouTube. We are so thankful these beauties entered our screens. Ultimate soul mates, these girls careers have shot off recently and the best thing about it they get to experience it all together. What a life. The pair are icons for their fashion inspo, colour co-ordinating fits and staying on trend. Brining you all the insta aesthetics, it's a beautiful friendship.



@kendalljenner @haileybieber

Super models on tour. These 2 icons first met way back when and their relationship really developed when their modelling careers took off at the same time. These girls fight like sisters, love like soul mates and live a ride or die life together. They got each others back through it all and kill the runway while doing it. We all know their group of friends is the coolest in Beverly Hills, I mean, her best friend is literally married to Justin Bieber, but it's a duo un breakable and we're living for it. 



@anastasiakingsnorth @saffronbarker

 Starting YouTube young and growing up on the platform, these two girly's did it together. Supporting each other from the start, collabing videos and forming the bestest friend relationship you could imagine. We look forward to their Christmas gift swaps every year because they go HARDDD. They deliver us some of the best YouTube vids, insta pics and funny moments we will NOT forget. I am sure these 2 will be friends till the end and we wish we could be apart of it! 😍



@kimkardashian @parishilton

I'm not saying best till last or anything but THIS DUO is the most iconic duo to ever grace our tv screens & social media. From way back when Kim was Paris' assistant to now building a billionaire empire these girls have stuck it through and came out on TOP. From ghetto y2k queens to glam squad every day these sistas have recreated their fav old school looks and brought out an iconic collection based off this and let me tell you we dieeeed. These boss b!tches will go down in history fo' sureeee. 


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