Christmas Gift Guide: Nightwear Edition Katch Me

by Katch Me

Christmas Gift Guide: Nightwear Edition

No matter your age, you cannot deny that you absolutely love a pair of Christmas pyjamas. Whether you get them on Christmas eve or you rip them open on Christmas day, we know you're spending all of December wondering what they're gonna be like.
Luckily for you 2020 is the year to ditch the cheesy festive print and grab yourself a pair of PJ's that you can wear to take the bins out all year round (there's no shame in it). What's that Mr Postman, you like my pyjamas?
If you're still struggling on what to get your sister, your best friend, your mum, absolutely anybody for that matter then look no further, because we're bringing you another Christmas gift guide, this time...its the nightwear edition. 

Blue Monochrome Pyjama Set

Christmas girls night planned this December? We know you're hunting for a pair of killer matching jammies for that annual insta. 
Look no further than these blue monochrome PJ's. These are the ultimate pyjamas to spill prosecco over after one too many, it is Christmas afterall. 
Satin, spacious and super cute...need we say more? 

Beige Satin Pyjama Set

This year has been the year of the neutrals, there's no doubt about it. So it's obvious, we need to see 2020 out exactly the same way we started it.
These beige satin pyjamas are givin' us all the cosy feels. Did somebody say designer? You'll be looking like a total glamour queen in this set.
Keep them on from Christmas eve right through until New Years Day, we're not judging. 

Pink Monochrome Pyjama Set

For our gals who love pink, these pink PJ's are the one for you. 
We're seriously levelling up that nightwear this Christmas. When your dad whips out the camcorder for that annual present unwrapping home movie, at least you'll look like a total ten this year. 

Fluffy Platform Sliders

Let's get serious for a moment because these fluffy sliders are absolutely everything. 
Honestly, these will be the best thing you buy this Christmas. It doesn't matter who you're buying them for, you just need to get a pair in your basket.
Servin' total comfort and some serious style your comfy casj look is sorted. 
Head over to our nightwear collection to pick up these PJ sets plus so much more. Don't forget to tag us in your looks using #KatchMe and help us spread some festive cheer.