by Katch Me


Feeling blue? So are we, you spoke, we listened! Delivering the cutest Blue pieces to make your spring that extra bit colourful. Whether it’s just a pop or a full fit we’ve got you covered girl. I mean it is on the pantone 2021 colour chart, which means we’re on trend for this seasons hottest pieces you Huns are gonna love! In the sense of mood and meaning, Blue is the epitome of freshness, peace and loyalty, something I think we all need this year. What better way to symbolise fresh beginnings than with the most colourful, sassy style steals here at Katch Me.

You either love colour, or you don’t, it’s as simple as that! It’s a division that is about to be crossed over and loved by many this season, I can guarantee you won’t leave here without something Blue in your cart, even you neutral lovers. A timeless and enduring hue, elegant and simple. “Midnight Blue is the only colour that can ever compete with Black”- A quote by Christian Dior himself, and if Mr Dior is gushing over Blue then fear not and take a look at these styles picked out just for you bold lovers and doubters.

 Call me a hot mess but never a fashion disaster. Look too glam to give a damn in our “Light Blue Ribbed Double Zip Co-ord- Leona”. The god of all styles, co-ords are everything this season, the perfect go to outfit for any occasion, family BBQ? Spring walk? Cocktails on the 12th? Dress it up or down but lets be honest, the real fashion show is on the street, and in this lil fit all eyes are on you bby! Feel like the ice queen, the boss, the babe in the ultimate best seller, you want, we deliver! Selling out faster than you can book an outdoor table for next week, now you have no excuse not to restock your drobe’ with new in pieces, starting with this one. Wear separately or as a set, tbh we both know this set is bomb as it is so there’s no need to go mixing and matching, unless of course that’s your pref, we support every style here. Lets talk about the fabric, comfort is key right? Ribbed, yes ribbed we all love a rib, it’s the ultimate fit, a bit of give to it so you have room but not too much so you can still feel snatched. Featuring a double zip front so you can control your modesty, that ones on you ;) why you still here and not checking out??

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"Light Blue Ribbed Double Zip Co-ord- Leona"


Whoever claimed that money can’t buy happiness had no clue where to go shopping *rolls eyes*. Not to fear Katch Me is here, lucky for you we have all the best sellers coming your way and ready to slay! Including this sexy number “Turquoise Exposed Seam Bodycon Dress- Daya”. An exposed seam dream! Yeah you heard, exposed, what a modern twist, we’re loving it. No more hiding seams and tucking away, it’s all about embracing and showing flaws! This overlocked feature gives all the contrast detailing you need. Aren’t you lot lucky. It almost gives me patch work vibes, oh what a throwback, who agrees we need to bring patchwork back? What a classic. What about the complexion though, this cool tone blue compliments all skin types as if it was made for you personally, how magical. Style this with some tie up heels for that first night out and free the girl that’s been locked up for a while!


 “Turquoise Exposed Seam Bodycon Dress- Daya”


My favourite emails are the ones telling me my order has been shipped. How about yours? Why not add this hot thang to that order confirmation! The “Blue Puff Sleeve Ruched Detail Dress- Izzy” Steal the stares but make it worth their while in this get up, talk about hot girl sh!t this dress is vibeyyy!
Date night: check
Cocktails: check
April 12th table booked: check
Any occasion, any time, any place, dressed up, dressed down, inside out, back to front who cares, when you’ve got style like this, put the hot in psychotic and show people clothes aren’t going to change the world. It’s the women wearing them. But you cant do that naked (unless you wanna be arrested) so buy the dress and then show them lol.

 “Blue Puff Sleeve Ruched Detail Dress- Izzy”


 Basic b!tch or basic crop? Definitely basic crop, there’s no such thing as a basic b!tch wearing Katch Me. Everyone just loves a little chill now and then, something more mellow that you can easily style and accessorise without being limited. Don’t do petty, do pretty in this “Blue Ribbed Crop Top- Joelle”. Something to pair with jeans or joggers for a cute caj vibe if your not up to face the crowds this month, but if you’re a wild child and have your taxi booked to the pub already then team with a cute pleated skirt, strappy heels and a clutch for that spring day time drinking feel. Nothing haunts us like the items we didn’t buy, so I’d save that anxiety if I was you!


 “Blue Ribbed Crop Top- Joelle”


“Sweat pants, hair tied chilling with no makeup on”, thanks Drake for the inspo. Looking cute, cosy and effortless in the “Blue Tie Dye Joggers- Scarlett”. Spring patterns, trend colours, comfy vibes, these joggers tick every box, make the most out your loungewear girls because from next week it will be back to jeans, dresses, heels and normality, we can’t wait but who’s actually ready to give up the comfort?, we have no excuse now to live in lounge and blame it on lockdown. To be fair I bet most of you already have your Katch Me dresses ironed, hung up and waiting to be unzipped. I don’t blame you dolls its been one hell of a year. One week left, one more week of comfort, might as well buy that last pair of our favourite spring lounge joggers my loves!

 “Blue Tie Dye Joggers- Scarlett”


"Im blue da ba dee da ba di", is that song stuck in your head now like its stuck in mine?? Sorry Hun. Would you look at that, last but not least the fabuloussss “Blue Floral Puff Sleeve Dress- Ari” What an eye grabber. Keep your head, heels and standards high in this cute puff sleeve, team with the highest heels on your shelf and a sexy chain strap clutch to guarantee you’ll be centre of attention when you step in the room. Bad vibes don’t go with this outfit but big earrings do. Accessories finish off any look, let boldness be your fashion statement!

 “Blue Floral Puff Sleeve Dress- Ari”


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