Good News Of The Week Katch Me

by Katch Me

Good News Of The Week

We've got some good news to brighten up your week! Just because it feels like the world is coming to an end doesn't mean everything we read should reflect that. Here's some of our favourite good news of the week. 

Tiny Owl Found In New York 

This tiny little guy was found hiding in The Rocker Fella Centre's Christmas Tree a few days ago by one of the guys helping to put up the tree. After discovering him and realising he needed care they contacted a bird rescue centre who are now caring for him! LOOK at his tiny little face, omg. 


Reunited with 1st Grade Teacher

A successful lawyer reunited with her 1st grade teacher who helped her learn English when she was just 6 years old. After wanting to reach out for over a decade, Ana Reyes was finally able to thank Pat Harkleroad for all the help she offered her 40 years ago. This girls is a reminder to remember those who help us! 


Dolly Parton Donates $1 Million

Dolly Paton has donated $1 million to helping fight Covid-19 and the research going into finding a vaccine for the virus. Her donation will also be helping support the research into helping people who do catch the virus to recover! Our saving grace of 2020. 


 Baby Panda Is Born

A boy baby panda was born at The National Zoo in D.C. and the zoo are asking for the publics vote on what his name should be! 


 Hope this news puts a little pep in your step for the weekend! Don't forget to head over to our blog to see what else is going on. Take a look at our New In for all the goodies!