How To Celebrate Halloween In Lockdown Katch Me

by Katch Me

How To Celebrate Halloween In Lockdown

ondering whether Halloween 2020 is about to be cancelled? Worry not my friends. Your Halloween fairy godmother is here to make sure that no matter how you end up celebrating, you'll be doing it in style.
Let's just pre plan for a lockdown Halloween, because wherever you are in the world it kinda is one anyway - no one knows what's going on from one day to the next. So, rather than head out to the bars in that basic b cat 'fit and chance getting into a bar, lets just spend it at home in the best way possible. Get your best Halloween 'fit, here's how to celebrate Halloween in lockdown. 

Halloween Girls Night

I mean tbh this is our ultimate option anyway. Halloween night in with the girls? Yes please!! Get those pizza's ordered, crack the bottle of prosecco open and put on your favourite scary movies.
You can still totally dress up to do this, best Halloween costume wins a prize. No need to sit in a bar with a bunch of people you don't like when you can bring all the best people to you. 

Pumpkin Carving

A total Halloween favourite that is not just for kids. This is the ultimate Halloween activity to share with bae. Get those pumpkin carving skills out this Halloween and find out who's masterpiece is best (did someone say insta poll?)
One thing that we know for sure is open this lockdown Halloween is the supermarket, so if worst comes to worst forget the pumpkin patch and grab one from there. 

Zoom Halloween Quiz

I know I said it, the dreaded zoom quiz....doesn't it seem like ages ago that we did these? But seriously, during a lockdown this is the ultimate option for Halloween. Get together all your nearest and dearest and test your Halloween knowledge at that socially acceptable distance. 

Halloween At The Drive In

The ultimate Halloween lockdown activity…the drive in cinema. Luckily for us Drive In Cinemas around the UK are playing Halloween classics throughout the remainder of October. It's the perfect socially distanced activity tbh.


If in doubt remember, this is still true (true everyday tbh) x