How To Celebrate Valentines Day Solo Katch Me

by Katch Me

How To Celebrate Valentines Day Solo

Who said Valentines day has to be saved for someone special? If you're on your own this year, Valentines day is the perfect time to show yourself some love. You deserve it girl, it's been a hell of a year! Why buy gifts for someone else when you can buy them for yourself? Who needs to spend the night with bae when you can spend it with your besties? This year we're going to teach you how to celebrate valentines day solo. Cupid is calling!

Pamper Yourself Sis 


Step one, it's time to pamper the sh*t out of yourself. You deserve it girl. We're talking the full works, hair mask, face mask, nails, deserve it all. Who said a full pamper was only for a special occasion? You're special enough to celebrate so spoil yourself, sister. 

Retail Therapy

I mean it goes without saying doesn't it, if you're spending Valentines alone this year you need to indulge in some retail therapy. Is there a dress you've had your eye on? Or maybe some beauty essentials that you've been putting off buying a refill? Now is the time for that restock. No-one ever said that Valentines gifts had to come from someone else. 

Order Your Favourite Food

Pizza or Chinese? Who cares, order both. Get your favourite food delivered and enjoy it on your own. Thats the perks of being single, no disagreements on what to only need to please yourself. Why not go the whole hog and order yourself a desert too? It is Valentines day after all. 

Have A Digital Detox

We get it, staying off your phone is hard. But, even for the baddest of babes seeing all the mushy v-day posts on February 14th can be hard. So, put your phone down for the day and enjoy a digital detox. Instead get your daily dose of  technology through a zoom quiz with your besties, they are the BEST date you could ever ask for. 

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