How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit Katch Me

by Katch Me

How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

It's Christmas this week!!!! Seriously, lets not spend any time thinking about how fast this year has gone because that is so scary. 
If you're not feeling festive this year, that's understandable, it's been a weird one. But, it is the most wonderful time of the year and we're here to make sure that you really enjoy it. 
Wondering how to get into the Christmas spirit? We've got you. Turn off Grinch mode and power up your full blown Cindy Lou Who, it's time to get festive. Santa stop here!!

Turn up the Christmas music

If you've been holding off on the Christmas playlists until's time. 
The best way to get into the Christmas spirit is by blasting Mariah anywhere you go. Whether you're doing your best Mean Girls to Jingle Bell Rock or you're getting ready to perform a solo to Walking In The Air - we don't care!!
We promise this is step one on the journey to full blown Elf. 


Switch on the Christmas movies

Obvious but true, get your favourite Christmas film on if you're not feeling in the spirit this year. 
Everyone has a favourite Christmas film, even our Grinchy girls love a heart warming Xmas fest. 
Get the hot chocolate on the go, put your feet up and get excited....SANTAS COMING!!

Time to get wrapping

We know that sometimes wrapping can be hella stressful and annoying AF, but is does make it feel like Christmas. 
That annual battle trying to find the end of the cellotape, the glitter paper that wont stick with anything, the decision of whether to go bow or no bow? 
We know you love it, girl. 

Spend time with the fam

It might be a bit different this year but Christmas really is just about spending time with your loved ones. 
Best believe that if you're not excited by now, the little ones in your family will be. 
Get round there and get involved, omg did you just here sleigh bells?!

If in doubt wine it out

Listen, it's Christmas and if you can't have a wine at Christmas when can you ey? 
Skip that gym class, rally up the girls and get out for a festive drink. 
Throw on a Santa hat and ho ho ho you're ready to go. 
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