How to Style Fishnet Katch Me

by Katch Me

How to Style Fishnet

Fishnet can get a bad rap, you know? It's one of those fabrics can be super hard to wear if it isn't Halloween, and now it's Autumn everyone is desperate for thick tights, knits and generally avoiding being cold. Nobody's going to go out in the middle of Winter in a fishnet bodysuit unless it's Halloween, even then there's going to be some kind of cape/ latex number cover up situation. Ladies, don't worry. Here, we look at how to style fishnet and re-wear your Halloween bodysuit and other fishnet piece without freezing your a*se off.

The Fishnet Dress

White Fishnet Mesh Sleeve Mini Dress


The Fishnet Mesh Dress. Just sounds good doesn't it? A fishnet dress could be floor-length and still get away with being sexy, right? Nothing floor-length is sexy, but make it out of fishnet? Yep, there ya go. However, all we've got is (very) short fishnet dresses right now - so grab our White Fishnet Mesh Sleeve Mini Dress, throw on some thigh high boots, get a big bouncy blow dry and live your fishnet dress Barbarella truth this Halloween!


Fishnet Trousers

Neon Green High Waist Fishnet Trousers

Trousers are lame! Fishnet trousers? Interesting. Fishnet trousers are no longer for just in the rave guys. Style Neon Green High Waist Fishnet Trousers with an oversized slogan  T and some chunky trainers and hello you've literally got every single street style papped individual on the planet. 


So there you have it, KatchMe Family. Fishnet is no longer reserved just for the bedroom or the rave, now you can wear it any time! Maybe not in front of your gran or any other conservative individuals but you do you, boo! Need more Inspiration on how to wear questionable fabrics? Check out The Katch Up for all and every way. We've got you!