How To Style Shoulder Pads This Autumn Katch Me

by Katch Me

How To Style Shoulder Pads This Autumn

It's the trend of the season; shoulder pads have hit every corner of the E-com Universe. They elevate any outfit to Boss B*tch standard, from Shoulder Pad Dresses, to Shoulder Pad T-Shirts to the obvious power suit: The Universal Wardrobe 'Fit that translates to 'dont-f*ck-with-me-hun'.

There's some serious shoulder paddage happening at KatchMe right now. Flat shoulders are out! Now it's all about that boxy presence giving room commanding silhouette that can only be achieved by some serious shoulder pad action.
Shoulder pads are weird. It's not like they came from some period of Fashion where everyone kind of looked at each other and shrugged, and were like lets do something weird and call it a trend (I'm looking at you, UGG boots - I see you girl!). They came from THE EIGHTIES: The Fashion Revolution. I mean, I'm sure they existed before obv, but like, come on you guys it's the eighties. Listen, so like - I'm like a content writer not a Fashion Historian - so whatever, ya know? Eighties. But anyway, shoulder pads!


Black Shoulder Pad Tank Top

Serving you casual shoulder pad excellence in all it's effortless minimal glory, we've got our boxy little tank number. It's like, masc but not - ya know? Exaggerated shoulder pads feminize this boyish shape and elevate it to that model-day-off cool some b*tches can just do without even trying. ANNOYING. Pair with a Shoulder Pad Blazer for a super soft androgynous lewk.


Red Shoulder Pad Dress

A dress! A Shoulder Pad Dress, yes! Pass me my fan! Feed me! There's very little else that satiates my hunger for fashion than a shoulder pad dress. I am STARVED. Serve up a real treat in our v neck ruched saturated red number. Pair with a diamante clutch or severed head if it's a Halloween thing, and you're out the door! BYE.

Orange Shoulder Pad Top


Get groovy baby with this tie dye box tank. It's not as serious as it's black counterpart, so it's ideal if you want to make people know how laid back, funky and fun you are! I'm fun! Bonus points if you wear it with ripped light-wash cropped jeans and sandals. PEACE HUN. 


So now you've found your perfect shoulder pad piece, shop the rest of our shoulder pad collection here! Don't forget to check out the rest of our blog for more killer inspo.