How To Survive Cuffing Season Katch Me

by Katch Me

How To Survive Cuffing Season

So you're wondering how you're going to survive cuffing season? Whether you're on the search for someone to couple up with this cuffing season or you just wanna get through it without going a little bit cray cray! Maybe you aren't even sure what cuffing season means, do not fear we are here to tell all. 

Before we get into this lets just save time before you go googling what it means, cuffing season is defined as a period of time where single people begin looking for short term partnerships to the colder months of the year. Cuffing season usually begins in October and lasts until just after Valentine's Day. Ok, now we can get into it! 

Staying Single Isn't Bad

 So you've decided you aren't really looking for anything and you would rather stay single and give all your love to yourself this cuffing season. We support this and even better news, today is Single's Day so why not treat yourself to a gift from you to you in honour of singles days and show yourself some extra love babe ! 


Get All Your Best Single Gals Together 

Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself are you really looking for love or just someone for the colder months? If your answer is the latter than don't do it girl! Instead embrace this time and spend some quality time with all you besties who are also single and focus your energy on something good this cuffing season. 


Nail Your Self Care Routine 

Now we have all heard and read a lot about self care this year and there's a good chance you had the time to perfect your self care routine but if you didn't and your still working out what self care is best for you why not dedicate this time working that out? Take an evening or two every week to try out different things like meditating, taking a relaxing bath, take up a craft or give yourself a manicure (we have a little post about the best nail art if you need inspo!)


Have Some Fun 

You've decided to fully embrace cuffing season, go girl! Remember if you're meeting someone for the first time maybe let a friend know or meet somewhere public, we want you to have fun but we also want you to be safe hunny. There's someone out there for everyone and maybe this cuffing season you'll find that someone! 


So whatever your plans this cuffing season whether your just going to show yourself some love or find someone to share the colder months with just remember to make sure you're happy and having fun doing it! Head over to our New In to pick up the perfect outfit no matter what your plans & take a look at our blog to keep you in the loop on everything this season!