How To Take The Perfect Mirror Selfie Katch Me

by Katch Me

How To Take The Perfect Mirror Selfie

Long live the selfie. I mean seriously, can you even imagine a time before selfies? It's true that absolutely no one knows your best angles the way you do. You know your best side, the right pose and well to be quite frank, sometimes giving up that creative control is just TOO MUCH even if it is just for a quick pic. 
If you're yet to nail the humble selfie then there's no better time to practise than lockdown 2.0. If you've bought too much loungewear and you can't wait to show it off then a mirror selfie - is the only option. 
But, how to take the perfect mirror selfie? You ask. Well, let's turn to the experts, the self shooting sissys, the mirror selfie connoisseurs...our blogger babes.  

Step one: Find a nice clean background

Alright, we'll tell you incase no one else has yet. No one and I mean no one, want's to see the absolute explosion of mess that's around your room. If you're wanting to nail the perfect mirror selfie the key is to find the perfect background. 
You want all the attention to be on your new outfit right? So maybe start by picking up that weeks worth of laundry off the floor and tidy away all those unopened amazon parcels. Look for bright clean spaces where the lighting will be bomb.

Step two: Find the right lighting

Second most important factor - lighting. If you don't know that by now, seriously how have you been taking your selfies? We all know that golden hour is theeeee only hour. 
But on those darker days, it's all about finding the right space. Open those curtains and let some natural lighting in. Or selfie it up at night and whip out that ring light which lockdown 3.0 has made you buy. No matter the situation, it's all about making sure that lighting is on POINT.

Step three: Strike the right pose

Step three to taking the perfect mirror selfie - the angle. Are you going for candid and casual or are we talking boss bitch power stance? Find the position which shows you at your best. Are you wanting to show off a new 'fit or are you aiming for a new profile selfie?
Lockdown 3.0 has given us plenty of time to practise those poses, so it's time to learn which is your best side. Take inspo from our blogger babes and get props involved, honey insta is your stage and you are the star. 

Step four: Take alllllllllll the pics

We're not here to just take one extended arm selfie, we're here for a whole mirror photoshoot and if we're gonna do this...we're gonna do it right. I'm talking all the angles, picture every detail. You're wearing a cute anklet you bought in Spain 3 years ago? Gimme a close up. 
Who said you need to be a blogger to have an aesthetic feed? Absolutely no one babe, you look fire so it's time to show it off. The key to the perfect mirror selfie is having multiple options to choose from.

Step five: Do it all in a killer outfit

I mean, this one is obvious. I'm sure we don't have to tell you but the key to the perfect mirror selfie is a killer outfit. That new dress you never got to wear? What about that cute loungewear co-ord you bought and feel hella cute in? No matter what it is, show off your style. 
Plus, you're not going to want to take the perfect mirror selfie if you don't feel amazing in your outfit. Confidence is key, girls.