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Raise your hand if you’re a chick flick fanatic! I mean not just any chick flick but 90’s/00’s chick flicks! The era of the best fashion and the best movies! What a time to be alive eh. Seeing some of the worst but the most iconic fashion disasters known to man and being influenced from these movies to the point of thinking these outfits were acceptable, oh boy we had it rough didn’t we. Looking back, these styles were actually on point and are majorly influenced in todays generation of fashion.
Growing up I wanted to be a hot shot lawyer with the fashion sense of Paris Hilton all thinks to Miss Elle Woods. She was my actual inspiration to be a fabulous queen and I still live by her quotes today. My attitude on the other hand definitely came from the popular girly Regina George growing up, who now my mother blames my sassiness on. Not forgetting the Beverly Hills OG Cher Horowitz for my high standards to live in a mansion and have a virtual wardrobe!. Oh the dream (one day).
That’s why I have put together outfits inspired by three of the most iconic chick flicks (characters) ever! Yep you guessed it, Legally BlondeClueless and Mean Girls. The nations favourites, and if you haven’t seen any of these films (I highly doubt it) then you need to stop what your doing, grab some snacks and binge watch until your eyes burn. Not literally.

“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed”. Yes that is a quote from our sass queen Miss Elle Woods. What better way to kick this off than with the Pink Icon her self! From sorority to Harvard this girl has it all, the fashion, the intellect and the dog, Bruiser, who is the cutest little guy (also dressed in pink) I mean who doesn’t wanna match with their dog? There’s not much to say about Elle’s style choices apart from PINK. Anything Pink and the latest trend then its straight in her bag, now yours too! Take a look at our Legally Blonde inspired Outfits here at Katch Me.

Elle Woods- Legally Blonde

“Pink Blazer Dress With Gold Buckle Belt- Kira”

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Perfect for a boss babe this blazer dress features a statement gold buckle belt, a wrap style and the hottest pink colour on the shade chart.

“Harley Pink Transparent Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses”

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We all know Elle loves her sunglasses and yes they have to be pink. Featuring a cat eye style with a light pink tint these retro sunnys give me all the sass.

“Layla Pink Faux Fur Bunny Bag”

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She dressed like a bunny, she’s an animal advocate and did I mention she loves pink? This cute lil bunny bag is an Elle Wood’s dream.


Moving onto the virtual wardrobe queen Cher Horowitz, the Beverly Hills OG and president of the yellow checked two-piece suit. Would this even be a chick flick outfit inspo with out including Clueless? Definitely not! From shopping in Fendi to failing her driving test you can find this diva wriggling her way out of any situation, but she sure does look good while doing so! All of Cher’s outfits are iconic but nothing can compare to the yellow checked two piece suit, so famous it's replicated all around the world. Now that’s what we call major fashion inspo. See what items best replicate Cher’s Beverly Hills glam get up here…

Cher Horowitz- Clueless

“Yellow & Black Plaid Pocket Pinafore Dress”

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Not quite the two-piece but still quite the OTT fit. Featuring a pinafore style dress in a checked yellow and black pattern. Who needs a virtual wardrobe when you have us to do it for you!

“White Ribbed Puff Sleeve Top”

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Team with this lil number, the perfect undergarment to accompany the pinafore dress. We all know Cher loves to make a statement so why not do it in this extra AF puff sleeve.

“Demi Yellow Court Shoe”

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Add a little spice to the mix with these yellow tinted transparent heels and feel like your on a runway everyday. You deffo won’t pass your driving lesson in these but who cares when you can talk your way out of any situation like Miss. Horowitz and look trendy while doing so.


“On Wednesday’s we wear Pink”, I think the whole world knows which iconic movie that line is from, If you don’t where you been? Under a rock? Mean Girls’ very own OG Regina George, the High School B!tch but the fashionista princess. Slutty but cute this attitude queen brings us all the Katch Me vibes and that’s why you need to shop the look right now! As long as there’s a short skirt and tank top in sight then its outfit complete! Check out our symbolic Regina get ups and thank us later!

Regina George- Mean Girls

 “Pink Two Tone Cropped Cardigan- Poppy”

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This cardigan is so Fetch and we all know these mean girls love pink. Featuring a two toned style button up crop, this would definitely be on Regina's shopping list.

“White Slogan Crop Top Dylan”

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Mean girls is known for its quotes so there’s no fear of fitting in with this “SEXSI” slogan tank top. The more cropped the better for this queen Bee.

“Black PU Mini Skirt”

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Known for her short skirts this lil number is the perfect sultry sexy piece for the fit. Featuring a PU material makes this skirt flattering and figure hugging and totally Regina approved.


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