Iconic Coats Appreciation Post Katch Me

by Katch Me

Iconic Coats Appreciation Post

The Winter Coat. It’s that time of the year, guys.
Yep. We had a Lockdown Summer, and sadly it looks like a Lockdown Winter. However, that does not mean a lockdown wardrobe. As I was saying- THE WINTER COAT. It’s that seasonal staple we all crave an update of as soon as the dark nights start to draw in, and the early mornings start to feel just that bit colder.
In anticipation for this seasons trends to be bestowed unto us by the fashion gods, let's celebrate and take inspiration from some seriously iconic coat and jacket situations throughout recent(-ish) history.

The Black Leather Jacket

 I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying – and I need to leave work immediately to locate a leather jacket. The perfect piece to layer – leather over wool, leather over silk, leather over leather – LEATHER. In anticipation for party season, a thick high-quality piece of leather is a must have for upgrading any standard outfit to absolute sex bomb fashion-savvy-oh-this-old-thing? Standard. Too pure to be pink!

The Shearling Coat

Good news everyone! Shearling coats are IN this season. Take notes from my girl Janis and pair it with a statement fur hat and wide leg printed trousers or jeans for a proper retro feel. Extra points if you wear it constantly - both inside and out - and say PEACE MAN every ten minutes. GROOVY.

The Faux Fur Coat

I know shearling is technically a fur, but when we’re addressing iconic coats of contemporary culture this brought fur coats out of old Hollywood, out of Studio 54 and into what was at the time a period of leather coats, adidas zip up jackets and obviously, denim (We’ll get to that in a bit). Late 90s Carrie Bradshaw made wearing a fur coat to a ballgame sexy, when before you would have probably just looked mental. Bonus points for this whole look because Samantha Jones.

The Denim Jackets

DENIM. Denim jackets. Is there anything easier to wear than a denim jacket? Black. White. Distressed. Acid wash. Denim. Type that word constantly and it loses all meaning. Pair with an oversized slogan hoody or drape it over your shoulders with a slinky maxi dress, and it just makes sense.

The Parka Coat

Not only is this man an icon and revolutionary in his own right (hello - Oasis?), but he singlehandedly upgraded the parka from merely practical to a staple piece in the wardrobe of geezers far and wide. Throw on with your favourite trainers and an oversized t-shirt and you're ready to 'ave it.  Hashtag AS YOU WERE. KM x
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