Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For 2020 Katch Me

by Katch Me

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For 2020

Halloween is just around the corner, guys and gals! Now, we all have felt this year. It has been a weird one, hasn't it? But wait, it's suddenly that beloved time that comes around but once a year - is Halloween 2020 cancelled? Boo! Not on our watch! Now, we've all been victim to easy DIY Halloween costumes in a pinch, but fear not! So gather round, grab your Halloween Makeup and I'll tell you a tale. If you're strapped for Halloween costume ideas, we've got some seriously spooky, seriously sexy Halloween outfit staples for easy, stay-at-home last minute Halloween Ideas 2020! 

White Oversized T-Shirt

This cute oversized White Slogan Cherub T-Shirt is perfect for all you basic Bitches who hate fancy dress. I mean.. who hates fancy dress? Not me but whatever. This oversized white t shirt is ideal if you're all like 'Woo I'm scary and cute' and having a socially Halloween gathering at home surrounded by people -  who actually enjoy and honour Halloween - and don't want to look like a total buzzkill. Just because you're being lame, doesn't mean you have to look it too, you know? 

Animal Print Dress

Now, this is more like it - not super scary however, our Tiger Print High Neck Bodycon Dress is definitely a much more enthusiastic outfit. It's not quite a tiger fancy dress - but it's super comfortable and definitely not compromising on the sexiness! You'll be feeling like Queen of the Jungle all night - and can re-wear it to the office come Monday if you're feeling spicy. 

Black Jumpsuit 

Now we're talking! All black errrythang baby, out Black Metallic Thread Lurex Jumpsuit is purrrfect for a lil at home Halloween festive fun. It's like.. glam-sex-kitten-scary! Duh! Any black long sleeved jumpsuit at Halloween is a safe bet. Throw on some bat ears, cat, eats, witches hat etc. you're SORTED. This sexy little number will have you FELINE GORGEOUS, even if you're stuck drinking punch at a socially acceptable distance, and bobbing for apples. Hiss!

Red Vinyl Co-ord

Okay, so a Red Patent Vinyl Co-Ord probably isn't the comfiest of the Co-Ords we have on offer here at KatchMe (Cough, did somebody say total influx of new Loungewear?) but WHATEVER. Beauty is pain and all that, right? It's Halloween and sometimes ya just gotta dress up, ya know? And by dress up, we mean watch scary films in a red vinyl Halloween costume dress up, ya dig?

So there we have it - Halloween Costume Ideas 2020. Is Halloween cancelled? Not by a long shot! Girl. grab your cat ears, devil horns, angel wings - WHATEVER - and drink your libations out of a plastic skull. Do your spooky thing, hun! 

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