Our Favourite Hairstyles To Try On Christmas Day 2020 Katch Me

by Katch Me

Our Favourite Hairstyles To Try On Christmas Day 2020

We're so close to Christmas I can practically taste the pigs in blankets. But, what we really wanna know is are you a 'get all glammed up' or a 'sit in PJs for four days straight' kinda Christmas gal? 
No judgement, we're just wondering. 
Well, if you are planning on getting dolled up to the nines at some point this Christmas, we've got all the hair inspo you could possibly need. With just a little bit of effort (not too much, it is Christmas after all a time to relax) you'll look like a total glamour queen. Here's our favourite hairstyles to try on Christmas day 2020.

The Headband

We've been absolutely obsessed with headbands throughout the whole of December and there ain't no stopping us now. 

A headband is a total go to look for a super cute yet simple Christmas day hair do. Simple and quick, just throw on and you'll look hella put together for that trip to the grandparents.

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The Sleek Pony

Sometimes a sleek pony is the only pony. 

These slick back ponys will look gorj with your new Christmas day 'fit. Whether you keep your hair straight or pair with a little wave, you'll look fire. 

All you need is a few bobbles and a touch of hairspray and your hair is gonna look snatched. Did someone say JoJo Siwa?

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The Bow

These bow styles have got your Christmas day look all tied up (get it).
Whether you throw with a pony or you style half up half down these cute bow hacks will make it look like you've gone the extra mile. 
For boxing day drinks with bae, or a Christmas eve meal with the girls with this extra detail you'll be the prettiest gift under the tree. 

The Bubble Pony

Ok, we have been SO obsessed with this trend this year. Shout out to all of our Pinterest queen's for their constant hair inspo. 
The bubble pony is possibly the easiest but most statement of all of the Christmas hair do's. 
Styled slicked back or with wispy money pieces, you'll be looking mega. 
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