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by Katch Me

Our Work From Home Productivity Tips

Working from home, it can be seriously hard to find the motivation to get through the day. Sooooo many distractions. But, it seems like it's going to be this way for the foreseeable future so, buckle up sis it's about to get serious. 
We're here to help you get those productivity levels through the roof, with all of our work from home productivity tips. We'll get through this together, girl.

Set up an office space

If you have the space free, try and make yourself a home office. It's so important to not just be sitting in bed all day (as much as we want too) you need to get that motivation going.

Try the dining table, dressing table or whatever space you have free. But as much as possible, make it feel like you have an area to work which you can leave as soon as you finish for the day. 

Turn off all other distractions

Ok, it can't be denied that at home there are a LOT more distractions than in the office. The constant call of the insta feed, the tv remote is RIGHT THERE, oh hello Mr Postman, would you like to come in for a chat? 

Try to make your environment as much as your usual work space as possible. Get the radio or a good WFH playlist on the go to help you keep your focus. That binge watch of Bridgeton can wait. 

Create a morning routine


Here's where all those 'my morning routine' youtube videos you've watched over the years finally come in handy. Take inspiration from others and create yourself a solid morning routine you can stick to.
Whether thats taking time to work out in the morning before work or taking an hour to wake up before your shift begins, use the time you've saved on your commute to get ready for the day. DON'T just open your computer the minute you open your eyes.

Plan breaks in your day

Plan your day every morning, have a to do list which you stick to as much as possible everyday. Make sure you schedule enough breaks within your day to get up and get away from the screen. 

Take your usual lunch break and use the full hour! It's the perfect time to get out for your daily walk and recharge before heading back to the desk. 10k daily steps? You got this, girl!

Do it in style

It is SO important that you make sure you get dressed everyday when you work from home. We can guarantee that you'll feel much more motivated and productive than you would if you were lay around in your PJ's all day. 

Be prepared for that last minute conference call. Whether you do it in your new killer loungewear or you prefer to go full office glam, get on your A game!


You've got this girl, we've got through this before we can do it again. Shop our work from home collection here or treat yourself to some new loungewear for your off days. 

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