Post Lockdown: The Tier System Katch Me

by Katch Me

Post Lockdown: The Tier System

Well, we're back! Or at least some of are, the new tier system has just been announced when Lockdown 2.0 finishes next week and let's just say we're going to find the positive in every tier. Whether where you are is in tier one or tier three we are going to find you the positive in it. Try not to let it ruin your year, lets try end on as high a note as possible! 

All Tiers

Okay, no matter what tier you are in you can still go to the shops and I mean all the shops, so Christmas shopping is saved! Visit personal care services aka the hair dressers, nail salon, eyelashes lady so even if you are stuck in tier three you can still look and feel good. Big news for all you gym goers and swimmers the gyms and swimming pools will be open regardless of what tier you're in. 


Tier 1

If you are lucky enough to be in tier one, then you can do all of the above things as well as mixing house holds outdoors & INDOORS! (with the rule of 6). Sporting events & live performances can take place with 50% capacity so if you see any tickets grab them quickly. Outdoor exercise classes can take place, if you're brave enough to face the cold that is. Best of all bars, pubs and restaurants will be open until 11pm which means one thing. Its time to go dress shopping! We are all very jel. 


Tier 2 

Tier two doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world. Outdoor socialising is allowed as long as it follows the rule of six. Pub and bars still shut at 11pm but can only serve alcohol with a substantial meal, so get your dinner date outfits ready. However you will need to try and reduce the number of journeys you take and avoid tier 3 areas if you live near one. 


Tier 3 

Now before you find to the things you can't do in Tier 3 I want you to go back to the top of this post and remind yourself of the things you can still do. You read it? Ok, lets get into it. Unfortunately you cannot mix with anyone outside your home but that just means more zoom parties! Hospitality venues must remained closed apart from for takeaway and deliveries which means you can eat in your comfies. You shouldn't leave your area unless its important because you know work is still a thing. Tier 3 areas will be receiving rapid results testing to help control the rate of the virus and hopefully move into a different tier. If you are some where that is tier 3 the bright side is you don't have to say goodbye to your loungewear just yet.  


So no matter what tier you're in just remain positive and find the good in what you are allowed to do. No matter wat tier your in you can online shop so why no take a look at our New In, there's something in there for every tier! See what else we're chatting about over on The Katch Up.