Puffer Coats That Are PERFECT For Every Occasion Katch Me

by Katch Me

Puffer Coats That Are PERFECT For Every Occasion

k ladies, let's talk coats. It's that time of year where we don't really know whether we're coming or going. One day its absolutely pouring down and the next its tropical weather - we're not complaining, we're just saying, please don't let us be cursed by the weather gods. But seriously, no matter the weather right now, it's always a good time to invest in a new coat. Something you totally love that can see you through the colder seasons.

Now, we personally believe it's important to have at least three coats - the smart coat - perfect for your boujee bitch looks, the favourite coat - no matter the style or colour this is the one you just love, and the warm coat - and that my friends, is the puffer coat. But wouldn't it be ideal if we could find a coat that was the ultimate blend of those last two? Yes and we've got it. So less chatting more shopping, here's our puffer coats that are PERFECT for every occasion.

The White Puffer Coat


Oh, neutrals, we love you. A white puffer coat is the perfection option to keep it nice and neutral - and puhleaaaase don't be put off by that age old excuse 'oh will I get it dirty?' - yes probably, but that's what a washing machine is for.

This White Puffer Coat will go with everything in your wardrobe, from loungewear to office looks a puffer jacket won't let you down. For the commuters out there, this puffer coat is the one for warmth so tbh your coat search is over, you're welcome boo. 

The Reflective Puffer Coat 

Oh me, oh my. In this coat we'll never loose you babe. This Reflective Puffer Coat is everything tbh. What we love about a puffer coat is that most of them typically come in this kind of cropped style, which means they match hella well with jeans and trousers.

Late night bike ride planned? Well, what you do in your own time is your business babe, at least you'll glow in the dark in this reflective puffer. Safety first, sis!

The Long Puffer Coat

Ok so when I say long I don't mean MAXI, but this long puffer coat is that perfect length - yano the one that is like, covers your bum but isn't too long. Also this Grey Puffer Coat has a hood - ideal for that winter weather to keep you feeling snug.

No need to layer with this puffer because it'll be keeping you super snug all on it's own. Erm also, is it just me or is this coat dishing out some serious ski resort vibes? Channel your inner boujee babe and live everyday like you're in a 5* ski resort, fetch me my hot chocolate and heated blanket please garçon. 

Well those are my top puffer picks and if you've not found something you like it's cool, I'm sure you'll find your perfect winter coat in our coats and jackets collection. If you're looking for more A/W inspo stick around and read the rest of our Blogs