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Say farewell to your favourite on screen family… KUWTK, the end of an era ☹ After 14 years of laughter, crying, pranks, births, weddings, fights, iconic fashion moments, and a whole lot of saying bible the show has finally come to an end. (I’m not crying you are). The fame found reality stars Kardashian-Jenners are probably the most famous family in the world, you might have heard the phrase “Famous for being famous” but these boss ladies have turned that phrase around and can earn my monthly wage in under a minute. ( This time I definitely am crying)

We’ve seen them grow on camera, we watched Kylie crown the title billionaire, Kendall become a super model and the Kardashian 3 build a KK empire. We’ve watched their failed marriages, birth their off spring and watched them throw the most envious Christmas Eve parties you could imagine. We want an invite next year Kimmy! It’s a bittersweet moment, we can’t watch the ins and outs of their lives anymore on tv but we’ll for sure still hear about it on the news, keep up with them on socials and hope that this won't be the last of the Kardash-Jenner fix we’ll ever get.

Here at Katch Me we’ve picked out our favourite on screen moment and most iconic fashion outfit then and now from each cast member to reminisce on their evolution journey so far for one last time!

Obviously we are starting with the MVP, the OG, the one that took one for the team and made them famous. The business women, the mom, the wife, the empire builder, the kimoji creator, the game developer, the fashion designer, the makeup guru and the only women who could get away with bringing out a book of selfies. Ladies and gentleman, Kim Kardashian-West

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Y2K Kim. Yes this is actually how she dressed when KUWTK first aired. The then celebrity stylist styled her self with so much boujeee-ness even back in the day. These are deffo our top Kim Iconic Looks from over the years! From bussin up the streets to attending the Met Gala this gal has seen it all. A style Queen. Forever an inspiration.

From that first pic we can see that Keek’s has always had style and I’d say can we appreciate the glow up but tbh she has always been a beautiful stylish diva. She’s just adapted with the times and she does it better than anyone can. She’s a trend setter, social media star, and style icon for pretty much every girl out there. Let’s all hail to 2021 KKW.

You guessed it. Our favourite on screen moment, “I lost my diamond earring” it was a close one I'm not gonna lie, it just about beat “Im goin’ out tonight, its goin’ down headin’ straight to the front of the line” now that was an iconic moment we will NEVER let her live down! Especially her sisters lol. But this episode turned into memes, gifs, emojis, slogans on t-shirts the lot! One of the most popular quotes to this day.


“Okay your conversations are too long bye” Yes our savage queen Kourtney is next up, the oldest but the shortest. The Poosh Queen, the dedicated mom, the health advocate, the Pilates guru and the best co parent. We’ve loved Kourt since day 1, her attitude, her sassiness, her one liners, her on and off relationship with Scott throughout the most of the series and obviously the love for her children. We watched her pull Mason out of the vagina in season 4 and if that doesn’t show savage I don’t know what does.

Boob jobs and college parties, Kourt was definitely a party girl back in her day and we’ve watched that young free fashion sense change into glamorous , edgy cool soccer mom vibes. I feel Kourtney has had the most fashion changes aging than the other Kardash-Jenners. The party phase, the Y2K phase, the boho phase, the chic phase, the maternity comfort phase, the suit phase, the Disney phase and the glamorous phase. The list goes on and her style changed dramatically over the years but we love to see it!

What a milf. 2021 Kourtney is slaying. Hasn’t aged a single bit and if anything looks younger than ever before! Serious goals. Imagine having a big sister/mom look this good for 42. This just goes to show that less is more and she definitely is slaying this style, sophisticated and sexy, I aspire to look this good at 42. Thanks Kourt for the inspo.

Did we even have to guess what our favourite on screen Kourtney moment was?? I think not…It just about beat the “Kim there are people that are dying” Known for her wisdom and down to earth realistic take on life this green queen has too many iconic quotes but I think this is a moment we will never live down. It’s sad to see Kourt’s sensitive side but I guess now we can all look back and laugh at this iconic moment when she lunged for Kim! A Kardashian cat fight at it’s finest.


“You know why she’s the most googled person?..because she googles herself” Khloe$ in the building!! Khloe has always been the funny, say it how it is, savage sissy and we stan her! The family favourite and the most loveable this millionaire boss women has been through a hell of a lot and come back better and stronger. The cocktail show host, Revenge Body advocate, author, Mother and the Good American CEO is the nations best friend. Known for her humour and bad b!tch attitude, we have sure seen this gal go through some serious questionable fashion moments. But here are our fav from throughout the years.

From party girl Khlo Money, to Ghetto Khloe to Mommy, we’ve seen her style tragically adapt throughout KUWTK. Short dresses and Vegas nights Khloe has party in her veins, from sneaking out the house at 15 and stealing her moms cars she sure has matured a lot over the years along with her fashion sense. Still not up to Kimmy’s standards, who remembers the episode Kim went in on her about her style choices and wanted to be her personal stylist. Lmao! But Khloe looks better than ever, despite all the fat shaming in the media, she carried on looking amazing and flawless and remains the same to this day! The same with her fashion sense, I wish I had Khloe’s wardrobe. I mean a separate wardrobe just for gym clothes? What a dream and what a role model.

Here's our favourite girl! She proved those haters wrong and came out on top! The most beautiful gal inside out, even before and after she's still the same slaying b!atch <3

“Kim stop taking selfies your sister is going to jail” we all know that episode. Khloe’s most iconic on screen moment, THE MUGSHOT! Khloe going to jail for a d.u.y is a classic (we don’t condone this guys) but how hilarious, even if she was only kept inside for a couple of hours. The fact that all of her family have her mugshot framed in their houses is just amazing. This is literally the best family I’m going to be so sad when the final episode airs ☹



Here she is, our super model, cool, careless iconic sister Kendall flaming Jenner! The tallest, least problematic chill member of the clan. From bribing random men to do her chores to VS model on the runway. This sporty sis taught us to be zen, look at life with a different perspective and be a go getter. An ex cheerleader, sport fanatic, charity ambassador, dog lover and runway model with a massive heart and a love for the finer things in life, you just cant not love her!

We grew up with Kendall on Keeping Up and have sure envied some of her styles. Especially when she was the Coachella queen for many years, the boho chic look was one of our favs! The typical teenager Kenny experimented with lots of different styles and was also known as a mini Kourt at one point. From horse riding and music video making with her friends in Wyoming, Kendall was more of a country girl vibe, more chill and effortless but when you’re a super model you could look good wearing a trash bag. Even through the years we always knew she was going to be a model someday. She sure did steal the show at the Met Gala in 2019 and from then on it’s only got better.

Modern day Kendall is just as beautiful as young Kendall, she still has the same flawless figure, face structure and cute personality. Her fashion sense has got a lot better over the years I must admit, but like I said she can look good in anything but lingerie is her forte, if you’ve got it, flaunt it sis.

The moment that changed her life. The most iconic. The best on screen moment watching Kenny achieve her dreams. It was a close one though between when she ran off to Vegas with sister Kylie to get a neck tattoo when she was just a teen. I thought her dad was going to kill her! Phew! A moment of silence as we can't watch our fav family provide us with the entertainment anymore :( 


Style queen, Style icon, Style envy Miss King Kylie. She stole the trophy from Kim for favourite child when she claimed the title of one of the youngest billionaires in Forbes. She built up an entire makeup empire when she was just a teenager, managed to hide her pregnancy for 9 whole months, creates the funniest YouTube videos, made THE BEST kick/vine videos and is known for throwing the sickest OTT bday parties for the worlds coolest kid! Can we get an invite to Stormi World next time?? Kylie’s style has changed THE MOST since being on the show, it’s like she plays a different character every season but we absolutely love it! Let’s take a look at how drastically Kylie’s fashion has changed from the seasons of Keeping Up..

Blue hair, pink hair, green hair, purple hair, we can’t keep up, literally! Queen of wigs I think she’s rocked almost every colour of the rainbow. Kylie was living my dream growing up, the cute LA girl and she deffo had the style to match. She has always been the cool edgy sis and still owns that crown today! From crop tops, denim shorts and converse to short dresses and stilettos Kylie's style was coolest back then and the only thing that’s changed are the trends which she always seems to be one step ahead, and does it the best!

I have no words for this girl. She’s too hot to handle. Season 20 Kylie is THE best Kylie. Don’t argue with me.

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You best believe this was our favourite on screen Kylie moment! The way she worked that pole sent us all into shock! The way it came out of nowhere and surprised us all that little Kylie had those moves even back then. Putting big sister Kim to shame. Iconic. 


The star of the show, the real real OG, from mom to momager, she birthed the Kardashian empire, mother to 5 millionaire’s, Lovie to an army of grandchildren, CEO, boss women, talk show host, author, the glue that holds them all together. I present to you Kris Jenner ladies and gentleman!

Kris is the real style icon of the show, Chanel, Hermes, Louis V, you name it she has it, the classiest, boujeee-ist 65 year old I have ever seen. On trend always, the victim of many pranks by her kids resulting In her designer clothes getting ruined, but who cares when you have that much money! She sure is a glam-ma. All through the show her style has been milf, glam-ma, sexy and sophisticated. Even in the 80’s seeing the Kardash-Jenner kids post throwback pics of their stylish mother, she was a true icon. A Beverly Hills queen.

Just look at her! She's so beautiful, our Kardashian-Jenner OG queen. Hasn't aged a day and still looks as young as ever. From 80's Kris to 2021 Kris she hasn't changed at all, she's still as elegant and classy as ever. I'd love to be one of her kids, imagine all the hand me downs! A girl can dream eh.

Even if you aren’t a Keeping Up fan (who isn’t) you still know this famous one liner by KJ her self. The best Kris on screen moment ever, part of our daily vocabulary now, used as many memes, tiktok sounds and turned into merchandise around the world. A classic that will never get old. Thank you Kris for birthing the most iconic TV show to ever grace our television.

Farwell for now KUWTK!

Is it just me... or do you also wish you were a Kardashian?

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