The Best Cocktail Recipes To Try This Lockdown Katch Me

by Katch Me

The Best Cocktail Recipes To Try This Lockdown

We're bringing you all the best cocktail recipes to try this lockdown so you can get practicing and wow your best gals the next time you can all party together. We are nearly half way through lockdown 2.0 and half way through the week, Happy Hump Day Hunnies! What's a better way to celebrate than with a cocktail? Whether you've lost track of the days and everyday feels like the weekend or you're planning on treating yourself this weekend we have got all the tasty cocktail recipes for you! 

A Cosmopolitan 

Starting off with a simple cocktail recipe that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of! All you need for this delicious Cosmopolitan is 50ml of Vodka, 50ml of Cranberry Juice,  20ml of Triple Sec or Cointreau and 15ml of Lime Juice. Chuck them all into your little cocktail shaker with some ice and give it a good shake up and strain. Now you can live out your Sex In The City dreams with this cocktail. 


Sex On The Beach 

An absolute classic cocktail is a Sex On The Beach, you just can't go wrong with them. Another super simple cocktail recipe because we don't want to over complicate things here, all you need is 50ml of Vodka, 25ml of Peach Schnapps, 50ml of Cranberry Juice and 50ml of Orange Juice. Again, get it all in the shaker with some ice and then pour it all in a glass once you've done your shaker dance! 


Espresso Martini 

A personal favourite and a incredible cocktail recipe to pull out if you've got that one sleepy friend is an Espresso Martini! Who ever created this is a genius, this is the perfect answer for all you girls who get tired but don't want to start mixing energy drinks and alcohol. For this sophisticated drink you will need 60ml of Vodka, 60ml of Coffee Liqueur and 60ml of Espresso. If you've got the time, leave the espresso to cool for a few minutes but if you don't pop all the ingredients into a shaker, get it all mixed up, strain and pour into a glass. If you're feeling really fancy you can garnish with a couple of coffee beans. 


Pink Gin Fizz 

Did you really think I was going to leave you without a gin cocktail recipe? Of course not! This is the simplest cocktail recipe that doesn't even require a shaker and it includes PINK GIN, or just regular gin if your a classic kind of gal. Grab 100ml of Pink Gin (or whatever gin of your choosing), 50ml of Prosecco & 100ml of Lemonade, get a glass with some ice pour all your ingredients in and give it a stir and voila!  If your someone who likes fruit in their gin why not chop up some strawberries or add a few raspberries into the glass!  


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