The Best Halloween Movies On Netflix UK Katch Me

by Katch Me

The Best Halloween Movies On Netflix UK

Halloween is creeping closer, girls. So, it’s time to get ready for spooky season. Halloween isn’t just a day it’s a feeling and it’s time to amp that feeling RIGHT UP.

Whether you’re a lover of an easy horror watch that doesn’t leave you scared out of your skin or you’d rather watch something that will have you loosing sleep and checking under the bed every night for the foreseeable future, we’ve rounded up the best Halloween movies on Netflix - so that you don’t have to. Lock your door, rally up the girls and get ready to hug your fave pillow, it’s Halloween movie night baby. Here’s the best Halloween movies on Netflix UK right now.


We're starting things off with a total Stephen King classic. A shape shifter emerges to terrify the towns children, in the infamous form of the clown Pennywise. For our babes who hate clowns this potentially isn't the one for you, but you should still watch it anyway. 

Friday The 13th

A total Halloween go to is Friday the 13th. Camp counsellors spend the summer being terrorised by a masked murder. We won't say anymore, but for any horror movie fan this is a horror you have to watch.

 Childs Play

On to an easier watch (in our opinion) this remake of Childs Play is an easy Halloween 2020 go to. There's no real life murderers running about to give you nightmares, just a little doll. This is a go to for Halloween movie night with the girls - get the popcorn at the ready.


A new one to Netflix and we're glad it's on there. Next in our list of Halloween films on Netflix UK is Halloween - I'm sorry but tell me this isn't the go to scary movie is literally called HALLOWEEN. A masked murderer makes a return to terrorise his victim who got away.

A nightmare on elm street

A total Wes Craven classic, A Nightmare On Elm Street. Freddy Krueger appears in the nightmares of the towns teenagers. It's the original psychological thriller that you just need to add to your Halloween 2020 movie list.

 The Conjuring

The conjuring is most people's go to for a movie fright night. A family move into a new home and soon things take a creepy turn as a real life nightmare starts to unfold. If you're a lover of haunting films then The Conjuring is the one for you this Halloween 2020. 

Now you're sorted for fright night for Halloween 2020 there's nothing better than matching PJ's with your soul sisters. Shop now and complete that perfect Halloween night in. Looking for more spooky inspiration? Check out the rest of our Blogs