Top Milkmaid Styles For Autumn Katch Me

by Katch Me

Top Milkmaid Styles For Autumn

Look the cream of the crop this season in our top Milkmaid styles! Milkmaid tops, A Milkmaid dress, perhaps? Look,  if you want to look like a sexy Nursey Rhyme character, girl- we've got you covered! Plus, it's Halloween this weekend, Imagine it now; A black Milkmaid dress a some strappy little heels, a little blood - you could be like Elvira meets Little Bo Peep! Listen, stay with me on this because you will totally die when you see our top Milkmaid pieces! So here's our top milkmaid styles for Autumn. 

Pink Milkmaid Dress

Look pretty in pink this fall with our Pink Eyelet Puff Sleeve Milkmaid Dress. Just because Summers over, doesn't mean you have to be! You can still live your 'Workin' on the Dairy Farm' truth in this bad boy. What is it about a pink dress that just makes a woman feel like, a woman? Ya know? Lace up, ruched cups, cropped hem UGH, she's got it all! Gawjus!

Black Milkmaid Top

See, this is what I'm talking about! This Black PU Milkmaid Zip Front Crop Top is the reason that staying at home this weekend isn't a big deal - because any where becomes a party if you're wearing PU leather, right?! Right. Serve some slutty Bo Peep realness this weekend in this PU crop top, at a socially appropriate distance, obviously.


Leopard Print Dress

I know it's super original and completely not cliché but b*tch, I just love me some leopard print! I think it's safe to say this Cream Leopard Print Milkmaid Dress is our most autumn friendly piece yet! I mean it's a lot more PG friendly than the leather crop top and pink mini, so you'll definitely be able to wear this printed mini dress on your next Autumn family walk without giving your Dad a heart attack... Maybe.
So that's your lot hun! Weather you wanna go classic clean in a solid colour, jazz it up in an animal print or go all out in PU leather we promise, the milkmaid style has got something for everyone. 
For any and all other style qualms, keep an eye on The Katch Up for daily style updates! Mwah!