What We Can't Wait For When Lockdown Ends Katch Me

by Katch Me

What We Can't Wait For When Lockdown Ends

We have a date people!! (Of course fingers crossed it all goes to plan but, we have a date!). We're so excited at the idea of actually getting back to normal life. There are tonnes of things we're looking forward to that the list is absolutely endless. From meeting up with our besties again to that first sweet trip to the beer garden, we're going to be thinking about it on repeat until June 21st. Heres what we can't wait for when lockdown ends. 

Reuniting with our nearest and dearest

Isn't this the one that everyone is looking forward too most? We can't wait to reunite with the friends and family we haven't seen in so long. In some cases that will be almost a YEAR. After all that time reuniting with each other will be so much sweeter. Imagine that first hug!

Going out for our favourite food 

Wow, starter, main, desert, followed by, starter, main, desert...we can't wait. It's so simple but we can't WAIT to hit up all of our favourite restaurants that we haven't been able to visit the past year. A side of cheese garlic bread? You don't need to ask us twice, pile our plate up.

Finally going 'out out'

We can already feel the hangover brewing. We can't wait for that first round of shots to hit the table. Getting dolled up in full glam, throwing on our favourite dress and hitting the club with our besties. We never thought we'd say this but, we can't wait to be shoved around on the dance floor and queue up at the bar.

All of the holidays we've missed

This is obvious isn't it. WE CANT WAIT TO GO ON HOLIDAY. Get us on that plane now!! It doesn't matter where just hand us our passport and we'll be on our way. Beaches and city breaks are what we have been missing. We're already planning that holiday wardrobe, the countdown is on!

It's never too early to start planning those post lockdown outfits, head over to our Most Wanted to pick up your June 21st outfit...the end is near!

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