Your Lockdown Pep Talk Katch Me

by Katch Me

Your Lockdown Pep Talk

It's happening again, but this time at least we know what to expect. That's the main thing to remember this lockdown, you've done this before and you CAN do this again. I'm not saying it isn't gong to be hard, because of course it is, the days will feel longer and darker this time round but you will get through it. I think that this time round even the strongest of people are questioning if they can cope with a second lockdown, so if you're thinking the same - no you're not being dramatic and no, you're definitely not alone. But we're here to give you your lockdown pep talk and we promise it's going to be okay. 

It's Not Forever

I mean listen I know it feels like forever, but it won't be, nothing lasts forever really. That's how you should wake up every day, remembering that you're just one day closer to things being back to normal. So make the most of it and maybe take this time to learn all those things you told yourself you would the first time round. 

Check In On Your Friends

It doesn't matter if you think they aren't struggling, everyone finds lockdown hard - we literally can't do any of the things we're used to doing. Check on all of your friends, ask them how they're doing and show you're there to be a part of their support system. 

Take Social Interaction Where You Can

I think that's the hardest part of lockdown, the amount of social interaction we're used to is seriously diminished and you're limited to the people in your household (which can be great but yano sometimes its good to mix it up). So make sure you get your daily dose of social interaction, call your family, join that teams call. and on the weekend....did somebody say zoom quiz? 

Don't Be Hard On Yourself

We're all guilty of it, and you can't deny there is definitely a little piece of yourself that thought you'd walk out of that first lockdown a French speaking, bodybuilding, cake baking extraordinaire. But lets be honest, that just isn't going to happen. Yeah it's good to use this time wisely, but also use it to relax and recharge. Don't hate on yourself if you didn't head out for a run  at 6am or paint the next Mona Lisa today, if you got up and changed out of your PJ's into a new set of PJ's - that's more than enough. 

Well that's your lockdown pep talk from us, babe. We're here for you every step of the way and I promise we'll get through this. Pick up your mood by treating yourself to a little lockdown loungewear. Got time to kill? Check out the rest of our blogs and let us know what you want to see on The Katch Up this month.